I am often asked what are my favorite libertarian podcasts. Everyone has different tastes, so here are the ones I personally enjoy the most. We have a full list of libertarian websites and political sites here.

  1. We Are Libertarians  – Was there any doubt?
  2. Cato Daily Podcast – Issues of the day from the top thinkers at the Cato Institute. They also have an audio feed of their events.
  3. The Tom Woods Show – This has to be in any libertarian’s top 5, right?
  4. Dan Carlin’s Common Sense – If I could be anyone when I grow up, it would be Dan Carlin. His Common Sense and Hardcore History podcasts are works of art. There is always a point of view proposed that won’t be heard anywhere else.
  5. LAVA Flow with Rodger Paxton. Probably the only “radical” podcast on my list, I appreciate Rodger’s point of view. I always learn something new, and the show is well researched.
  6. The Libertarian with Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institute.
  7. Lions of Liberty – These guys have a similar feel to WAL. Enjoy a beer and catch up with friends.
  8. Johnny Rocket Launch Pad – This is so well produced and entertaining. You are going to LOVE this podcast the first time you hear it.
  9. Jason Stapleton – Jason is a rising star in talk radio. His daily program is chock full of fun points of view. And the video stream is beautiful.
  10. The Fifth Column – Matt Welch of Reason, Kmele Foster and Michael Moynihan shared a fact-based and reasoned view of the week’s news. You will learn something every week.

Honorable mention:

Libertarian Podcast Networks:

Libertarian Podcasts

Other Political Podcasts to Check out:

  • The Axe Files with David Axelrod
  • Candidate Confessional
  • CNN Debates
  • Democracy Now!
  • The Dick Morris Podcast
  • The Ezra Klein Show
  • Face the Nation Radio
  • Fareed Zakaria GPS
  • FiveThirtyEight Elections
  • Fox News Sunday
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Fresh Air
  • Frontline Audiocast
  • Fw:Thinking
  • It’s All Journalism
  • List of top Conservative Podcasts
  • Longform
  • Louder with Crowder
  • Masters in Politics
  • Matt Lewis and the News
  • Off Message with Glenn Thrush
  • Political Wire Conversations
  • Politico’s Nerdcast
  • The Pollsters
  • Presidential
  • The RSA
  • State of the Union with Jake Tapper
  • TED Radio Hour
  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • This Week in Tech

Maybe I missed some on my list? Let me know. Spangle@wearelibertarians.com