So, by now you’ve heard the news that Gary Johnson and Bill Weld will not be in the first Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD)…You’re likely either fired up and ready to unleash holy hell on the poor keyboard in front of you or you’re beaten down and ready to take your ball and go home.   Regardless of which box you fall in; you must realize this a game-changing moment in which you can double down or burn it down.  It’s your choice.
We’re 0-1 in a Three Game Series
So we lost the first game of a three game series.  Let’s consider the options.  1.  We could sit the other two out.  2. We could dwell on the loss and carry it over to games 2 and 3.  We could pull a Brian Kelly and allow ourselves 24-hours to bemoan the defeat. In doing so, we would be taking Johnson’s words to heart, learning from the defeat while putting one foot in front of another, and using the emotion felt as fuel for the fire that we cannot afford to let blow out.
You’re Invited: 24-hour Pity Party
Take 24-hours and 24-hours only to be over-the-top angry.  Get it all out.  Write scathing articles about the CPD…shit post…meme the shit out of the CPD.  That being said, once 24-hours is up realize that now is the time to double down and send a big “fuck you” (even after 24-hours I know you’re still angsty…we’re always angsty…we’re Libertarians) to the CPD in the most constructive, productive way possible; by forcing the CPD to roll out another one of those outdated podiums that match their inclusion criteria on October 9th for Johnson.
An Understanding
The ONLY way Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are getting into any debate sponsored by the CPD is by polling at a minimum average of 15% in the following polls:  ABC-Washington Post, CBS-New York Times, CNN-Opinion Research Corporation, Fox News, and NBC-Wall Street Journal (The Five).  Celebrity/politician endorsements, cherry picked statistics from polls outside of the above mentioned five, pleas for rationale and logic, margin of error arguments, complaints of unfair polling, etc. will NOT get Gary Johnson and Bill Weld into the debates.
Reach Equals Recognition
We could argue until Clinton is sworn in for a second term, or Trump has built the wall, about why the polling methods used in The Five are unfair, bias, etc. but that will not Johnson to 15% and standing next to Trump forcing him to attempt to defend his “racist” immigration policy to the American people without the help of a teleprompter.  Name recognition will get Johnson to 15% and on stage next to Hillary as she puts on her best face (no body double joke intended) and tries to convince the American people that she is 100% healthy and incredibly fit.
Roughly, 60% of Americans have never heard of Gary Johnson and only about 18% knew he was a Presidential candidate just a few months ago.  Consider this:  only 18% polled knew he was running for President after being told he was a politician, yet Johnson is pulling at an average of 10% in The Five.  I’ll take those odds any day.
The problem is if voters do not know who Johnson is or that he is a Presidential candidate, how can they know if they will vote for him or not?  Simply put, they can’t and The Five will continue to reflect that.
We don’t need to reach all of the people who fall into that 60% but a small fraction for Johnson to reach an average of 15%. So, how do we reach those people?
The Three C’s:  Canvassing, Calling, Collecting
Although, it’s potentially becoming more realistic, a Presidential Campaign cannot be won through the usage of social media alone.  To reach voters especially those who statistically answer telephone polls and turn up on election day, you MUST go back to the basics; canvassing, calling (phone banking), and collecting (fundraising.)
So you’re “in” but are you “all-in”?
The question is no longer “You in?” It is now “All-in?”
How many hours are you willing to give up a week to volunteer for Johnson? Have you considered just how many hours a week Johnson giving up to give YOU a third option? How many phone calls are you willing to make to voters each week to expand the campaign reach?  Have you considered just how many calls per week Johnson takes to do interviews in which YOUR party’s name is mentioned?
How many doors are you willing to knock on each week to build the Johnson name recognition?  Have you considered just how many planes, trains, and automobiles Johnson takes a week to meet with voters just like YOU?
Together, let’s go “all-in” by reaching those 60% of Americans who don’t know who Johnson is, letting them know why we’re “all-in”, and by raising enough money to where we could buy every damn ad spot during that mockery of a debate to get Johnson to 15% and up on that ugly blue carpet.

Ready to canvass?! Download the Polis Canvassing app in Itunes or Google Play and you’ll be knocking on doors in a matter of minutes!

Ready to call voters?! Sign-up today and a member of the Johnson team will get you set-up to make calls at your convenience.

Ready to donate?! Skip your morning Starbucks and donate $5 today!

By the way, did you know you could even help out voters by just sending TEXT messages?! Have a free few minutes while you’re waiting on a meeting to start? Why not send out a few messages and build that name recognition?!

Together, let’s go “all-in” by reaching those 60% of Americans who don’t know who Johnson is, letting them know why we’re “all-in”, and by raising enough money to where we could buy every damn ad spot during that mockery of a debate to get Johnson to 15% and up on that ugly blue carpet.